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3 - 9 July 2023
Length: 7 days
IOA, Campus
Hosts: IOA and O4H Academy  
Organizer:  CIED-O4H Georgetown University
Academic Diplomacy in Action

In response to the current state of global affairs, Olympism for Humanity (O4H), the Center for Intercultural Education and Development (CEID) at Georgetown University (GU) and the International Olympic Academy expand their long standing academic collaboration and join forces to establish a new Professional Development Certificate program. The CIED-O4H Georgetown University Certificate Program serves as a world-wide academic diplomacy platform for embracing Sport and Olympism as a peacebuilding platform and an enabler for the UN SDGs, children’s rights and responsibilities, equity and integrity, community regeneration and resilience. Our program intersects Olympic Heritage, Peacebuilding, Democracy Actualization and Sport for Development Theory and Praxis, also known as Olympism in Action (IOC, 2013, 2018; Lyras, 2003, 2007, 2013, 2020, 2021; Mandigo et al., 2016, 2018; Moghaddam, 2009, 2014, 2016, 2017, 2021).

Next Generation of Peace & Democracy Champions of Change

Through our hybrid online and field-based training methodology, participants across continents will develop a personal portfolio with guidelines on how to design and deliver data driven “social innovation ventures” to champion collective and systemic change across agencies, in their respective communities. Inspired and guided by the richness of the Olympic World Heritage, the CIED-O4H Georgetown University Certificate Program is built on a synthesis, applied scholarship and collective work of  award-winning initiatives implemented since 1993, ranging from data driven youth programs in regions of conflict, to multinational student engagement initiatives in close collaboration with the International Olympic Academy, the Muhamad Ali Institute of Peace and Justice, schools, universities and orphanages across continents. Focusing on action (“Praxis”), these initiatives have been very successful for 30 years. Our work is built on field-based learning in multiple universities, high schools, NGOs and youth agencies across continents targeting homeless and underserved youth in the US and in India; capacity building in Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Guatemala, Colombia, Botswana, Trinidad and Tobago, peacebuilding and at-risk youth in Cyprus and South Africa, Youth Programs and Olympism for Humanity and Sport for Development professional training in Delphi, Athens, Thessaloniki and Ancient Olympia; and disaster recovery in tsunami-affected areas in Japan as part of the Tokyo 2020 Games Academic legacy endeavors.

What are the Program Objectives?

Mastering Champions of Change & Olympism in Action Skills & Competencies
Certificate Program participants will gain in-depth understanding and master practical skills and competencies to champion the establishment, delivery and assessment of impactful and sustainable Olympism in Action events programs and curricula. Driven by the essence of the Olympic Heritage and ideals– this program aims to prepare the next generation of Olympic Education and Olympism in Action scholars, diplomats, educators, artists, actors, journalists, ESG-CSR officers, community leaders and practitioners who are trained and serve humanity as Peace and Democracy Champions of Change across fragile regions and communities in need. Actualizing, in other words, the Olympic idea and ideals- through scientific, theoretically informed, data driven Actions.

What Will Participants Gain?
Takeaway, Impact, Outcomes & Prospects
The CIED-O4H Georgetown University Certificate is centered on the use of Olympic idea, Humanity Values and ideals as a peacebuilding vehicle for embracing Human Development and Democracy Actualization programming. The program blends global citizenship and peace education with community-based learning, civic engagement, ethics and integrity. By the end of this training, participants will have created a solid replicable Action Plan and Toolkit on how they can deliver an impactful Olympism-based Sport For Development programs in their context. Olympism for Humanity and Sport for Development Theories - as well as real life examples from the Doves Olympic Movement Project and Youth programs in regions with long history of conflict will be used as a template for Champions of Change Youth Camps and community - based programming in various contexts- tailored to the unique needs and the assets of each community. This will be achieved by mastering Sport for Development and Olympism in Action Literacy (knowledge, attitudes, skills and competencies), the integration of Physical Literacy, Educational and Cultural Enrichment, Impact Assessment and Change Management (Lyras, 2003, 2007, 2017, 2020, 2021). CIED-O4H GU Certificate participants will:

•    Internalize virtues of humanity, freedom and democracy- and build a robust profile and skillset for high-competitive academic excellence and scholarship
•    Enrich their resume for further academic and professional advancements
•    Be part of a worldwide Academic Diplomacy network of likeminded peers committed to Championing Change across fragile regions and communities
•    Gain proficiency and practical skills and competencies on the role of Olympism and Sport as an important enabler of the Sustainable Development Goals 
•    Gain proficiency and in-depth understanding how to manage and coordinate the establishment and delivery of impactful Olympism in Action programs
•    Build a toolkit and a rich Olympism in Society portfolio of replicable intercultural education activities, teaching and fundraising material, Monitoring and Evaluation tools and community-driven curricula
•    Become proficient in O4H Literacy and gain the essential knowledge, skills and competencies to meet the challenges of the 21st Century

Who Can Attend the Program?
Champions of Change from Academia, Educational Systems & Across Agencies
This CIED-O4H GU Certificate embraces systemic change tailored to local needs and across educational systems, agencies and contexts. The universal design methodology provides the opportunity for multiple stakeholders across disciplines and domains to work together towards achieving humanity in action shared goals and objectives. The First target group aims the infusion of Olympism-based curricula in Primary and Secondary educational and Sport systems, the second, for Academic teaching, research and community outreach in Tertiary Educational Systems and the third, working professionals across agencies.

Target Group 1: Youth in Action - Under 20 League
Recruitment Target Group 1: U20 Champions of Change from Secondary Educational Systems & Civil Society

Target Group 2: Academics & Educators - Academic League
Recruitment Target Group 2: Academic Champions of Change, Faculty and Educators, Graduate Students and Researchers across disciplines. (e.g.  International Affairs, Education, Conflict Resolution & Development Studies, Performing Arts, Cultural Studies, Community Health, Sport & Physical Education)

Target Group 3: Working Professionals - Open League
Recruitment Target 3: Foreign Affairs Policy-makers and Practitioners, Athletes, Coaches, Administrators, Journalists and Media professionals, ESG-CSR Officers and Practitioners; Social Workers and Community Agents; Officers and Practitioners from National & International Federations, Olympic Committees & Academies, Sport, Cultural & Humanitarian Institutions                     

When, Where & For How Long?
Olympic Literacy - A B C D E F – Certificate Options
Participants can attend a 30-hour hybrid in-country, one to one mentoring, in-person and online training and 20-hours mentored field experience, which is spread out over a period of 3 months, and/or combine onsite residential training in Japan (Tokyo, Hiroshima, Nagasaki), Greece (Athens, Ancient Olympia, Delphi, Nemea, Epidauros, Olympus Mountain and Dion), Cyprus, Washington D.C. and Paris. Participants can select one or multiple options as each training session advance different Champions of Change skills and competencies. The intensive weeklong residential training sessions in Greece, Cyprus, Japan, Washington DC and Paris entail 30 hours training, blended field trips, workshops, world Olympic history and cultural enrichment tailored to the unique culture and history of each destination. Applications for USA, Japan, Cyprus & France will open in August 2023. Below you can find more information about the structure and the content of these options:

Option A+: O4H Academy in Greece (3-9 July, 2023)
Olympic Heritage, Humanism, genesis the Olympic idea and ideals, political philosophy, epistemology, design thinking, humanism and democracy. The first A+ Cycle of training will take place in Athens and Ancient Olympia at the premises of the International Olympic Academy on 3-9 July, 2023.
Option A: Olympism for Humanity Champions of Change Foundations (Ongoing)
A 3 - months long one to one and country-wide training and capacity building program. This CIED-O4H Georgetown University professional training program entails 30 hours training, one to one mentoring, workshops, lectures and 20 hours field experience to master the delivery of purpose-driven Olympism in Action programs and initiatives. 

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CIED-O4H Georgetown University Certificate Program Expenses
Certificate Program Fees
1)    Certificate Program Fees for Hybrid and Residential Training in Greece: 1,500 USD

Residential Expenses
2)    O4H Academy Greece 3-9 July, 2023: Accommodation, food, Site Visits, Transportation Athens-Olympia, Opening & Closing Ceremony: (a) Athens- Olympia (700 USD Double Rooms) or (b) Athens-Olympia (550 USD Triple Rooms) at the Premises of the International Olympic Academy

Olympism for Humanity Fellowship and Scholarship Opportunities
Champions of Change with outstanding potential can apply for partial or full Scholarships (U20 Youth League Candidates) and Fellowship (Open and Academic League Candidates). This will be made possible due to the generous and invaluable support from our Institutional Partners: International Olympic Academy and  Olympism for Humanity Alliance; our Golden Wreath Partners Ecommbx; our Strategic Partners Costas Papaellinas Organization Limited (CPO) and Charalambides Christies ; and the Olympism for Humanity Supporters Altius Boutique hotel  and Nicosia Municipality

11 - 14 July 2023
Application deadline: 21 May 2023
IOA, Campus
Host: IOA


Deadline extension: May 21

Harvard's Center for Hellenic Studies in Washington DC (CHS) & Greece (CHS Greece), the International Olympic Academy (IOA), and the Region of Western Greece co-organize the 2023 Symposium in the "Sports, Society, and Culture" series. The Symposium will be held between 11-14 of July in the recently renovated premises of the IOA in Olympia.

Topic & description

Building on comparative aspects of earlier themes in the series, the topic of the 2023 Symposium is "Female Athletes, Women's Sport, and the Olympic Experience." 

The Symposium will bring together scholars from around the world and up to forty (40) students from Greece and Cyprus in plenary and breakout sessions designed to examine the cultural poetics of women's sports in classical antiquity in the modern era.

See the detailed program of the symposium and abstracts of presentations.


11 - 14 JULY 2023

Academic Coordination

Professors Charles Stocking (University of Western Ontario & CHS), Stamatia Dova (Hellenic College Holy Cross & CHS), Heather Reid (Exedra Mediterranean Center), Efimia Karakantza (University of Patras), and Angela Schneider (University of Western Ontario), as speakers.


Organization and logistics

This is a non-fee-based activity, and participants will be given certificates of attendance during the Symposium's closing session.

Provisions: Transportation by bus from Athens to Olympia on July 11 and from Olympia to Athens on July 14 (with intermediate stops at Patras); accommodation (double rooms) and meals (breakfast, lunch) on the IOA premises.

The Organizers do not cover airfare and other incidental expenses associated with the presence and participation in the symposium beyond those described above.


This activity is open to up to forty (40) undergraduate and postgraduate (Masters and Ph.D.) students from a list of specific eligible departments spanning the disciplines of Sport Sciences, Humanities, and Social Sciences in Greece and Cyprus.

Applications (

will remain open between Monday, April 3, and Sunday, May 21, 2023 (23:59 Eastern European Time).

References must be submitted by Wednesday, May 24, 2023 (23:59 Eastern European Time)

The selection process will conclude by June 10, and selected participants will receive acceptance messages via email, along with instructions regarding confirming their participation and submitting related forms.

Organizers will contact applicants and participants of this activity and let you know about any changes as early as possible.


Contact Information

For more information, the Symposium's program, and the application, please visit the Symposium website ( and contact:

IOA Sessions' Coordinator

Ms Marilena Katsadoraki


Phone: (+30) 210 6878810

27  - 30 April 2023
Length: 4 days
IOA, Campus
Host: IOA 
Organizer:  Hellenic Cultural and Educational Club for Unesco

The 4th World Cultural Heritage Youth Symposium 2023

The Hellenic Cultural and Educational Club for UNESCO is organizing the 4th World Cultural Heritage Youth Symposium 2023 from 26 – 30 April 2023.

The Symposium is supported by the Hellenic National Commission for UNESCO, the United Nations Regional Information Centre (U.N.R.I.C.) and the UNESCO Chair in Intercultural Policy for an Active Citizenship and Solidarity - University of Macedonia. The Symposium is organized under the auspices of the International Olympic Academy.

The World Cultural Heritage Youth Symposium 2023 focuses on “Raising awareness in a digital age” and invites students and teachers to engage with the topic by participating into various activities during the Symposium in collaboration with other delegations.

The UNESCO Associated Schools Network (ASPnet) connects more than 12,000 schools in 182 countries around a common goal to build peace in the minds of children and young people.

In 2023, the Network will celebrate its 70th anniversary and the commitment of millions of students, teachers and principals to promote fundamental rights and human dignity, gender equality, social progress, freedom, justice and democracy, respect for diversity and international solidarity – UNESCO's core values!

During the World Cultural Heritage Youth Symposium 2023,  ASPnet students, teachers and National Coordinators will meet to share and learn from each other about cultural heritage

A special session on ASP net’s History of ideas will be presented by Ms Julie Saito, International Coordinator (UNESCO), and a World Café for teachers on “How digital tools support transformative learning regarding culture ” will be organized in collaboration with the Hellenic National ASPnet Coordinator, Mrs Vera Dilari.

Before the end of the Symposium the participants will sign a resolution on the protection of the World Cultural Heritage, which will condemn any assaults and crimes committed against World Heritage sites and focus on the fight against any attack on cultural diversity.

The Opening Ceremony of the World Cultural Heritage Youth Symposium 2023 will take place on the 26th April 2023 in Athens at the Theater of Pierce – The American College of Greece and the next day 20 delegations from 13 countries (Andorra, Canada, Croatia, Cyprus, Denmark, Hellas, Italy, Latvia, Oman, Sint Maarten, Slovenia, Türkiye, U.S.A.) will depart to Ancient Olympia, where they are going to stay until the 30th April 2023. 

All details of the Symposium are uploaded on the official website:

4 - 11 June 2023
Application deadline: 4 June 2023
IOA, Campus
Host: IOA
Sponsors: IOA
Organizer: IOAPA


The International Olympic Academy Participants Association (IOAPA) is a volunteer organisation whose members have the Olympic Movement at heart. We strive to foster an international and multicultural Olympic fellowship of IOA past participants, providing tools and resources to facilitate Olympic education and support Olympism worldwide. We host our official session every two years.
The first portion is held online where we have our General Assembly, elections, and conduct the regular work of the Association. Guest speakers are woven through the 4-Day programme (Click link).
The second portion is held at the IOA premises in Ancient Olympia. About a weeklong, the in-person session focuses on the continuous Olympic Education of the IOAPA members with lecturers, workshops and visits and provides a great opportunity to return to Olympia and the IOA, meet new members and renew old friendships.


OLINE SESSION (13-16 April 2023)

For 2023, the IOAPA will once again hold its Executive Committee elections online. We are very excited as this allows more members to participate in the nomination and election process. 

Nominations will be open to ALL members.

PLEASE ALSO NOTE that in order to vote during the elections, you must be an IOAPA member, register for the Online Session and attend the business part of the Session. We look forward to seeing you.

You must have attended an official session of the IOA to be eligible for IOAPA membership. To become an IOAPA member or make sure your IOA friends are registered, please follow the steps here (Click link ). 

Registration for the Online Session will be 15€. There will also be an option to participate at no cost for members who can't afford the fees.


  • 15 February: Elections Nominations Open

  • 17 March: Elections Nominations Close

  • 13 to 16 April 2023: Online General Assembly + Elections


The IOAPA will host its 18th biennial session at the newly renovated facilities of the International Olympic Academy. Don’t miss this opportunity to return to Olympia and the IOA Campus to hear the latest in IOAPA initiatives and reconnect with friends. We have put together a full programme of speakers, workshops and other engaging and fun activities to make this time together very rewarding (link – ADD LINK).

For all the details, please visit:


For any further information, please, contact us at:

Tel.: + 30. 210. 6878728


11 - 13 March 2023
IOA, Campus
Host: IOA
Organizer: UNNES

Official visit of the Negeri Semarang University of Indonesia.


30 April - 9 May 2023
Length: 10 Days
Host: IOA   Organiser: MEMOS

When an individual participates in the Olympic Solidarity-supported MEMOS programme, they have a unique opportunity to (1) gain cutting-edge skills and knowledge from top international professors and (2) build their global professional network to set themselves up for future success.

How it started

MEMOS was an idea of the European Network of Sport Science Institutes, supported by President Juan Antonio Samaranch in 1994 and founded by Prof. Jean Camy and colleagues from several European universities and schools of sport. Five European National Olympic Committees (NOCs; France, Italy, Luxembourg, Portugal, Spain) joined the project.

The first edition started in September 1995. It was a two-year graduate programme in French and English, composed of eight modules. The two first editions (MEMOS I and II) were supported by the European Olympic Committees and the European Union (Socrates Programme).

How it evolved

From MEMOS III (2000), the programme – starting and ending in Lausanne – became a one year programme. It included four modules and only one language (English). MEMOS III to V welcomed a few non-European participants.

In 2003, MEMOS VI became fully open to overseas participants, with the first and last modules in Lausanne, one module in Europe and one overseas. The official name of the programme became “Master Exécutif en Management des organisations sportives.”

In 2006, MEMOS started a Spanish edition. A French edition was first organized in 2008. The three versions of the programme had a slightly different format but coordinated content. In 2012, the three versions evolved to a common format.


Training modules are organized in all continents since MEMOS XI. The programme is part of the NOC Management Programmes of Olympic Solidarity. While ensuring geographic and gender equity, each cohort includes one student per NOC.

MEMOS is scheduled over one year and consists of three 9 to 12 days residential sessions, each dedicated to two to three main subjects, and a three-day final session devoted to the defense and presenting of participants’ personal research project. The final session take place in Lausanne, while the second and the third sessions are organised in different cities.

Each subject is placed under the joint responsibility of a scholar and of a professional. In addition, the participants undertake a research project concerning the management of a sport organisation,usually the one in which they are active. Two to three days in the middle of each module are dedicated to participant on their projects by their tutors. The defense and the public presentation of these projects, as well as the awarding of the degrees, take place in Lausanne, during the last module. 

Periodic Alumni Conventions are also organized for continued sharing, and networking amount MEMOSians.

So far, 1079 MEMOS graduates are everywhere across the Olympic Movement and the world. They represent 183 nationalities, 5 continents, 36% women, 56 NOC Presidents and Secretaries General, and 5 IOC members. Some of them are involved in the IPC, Special Olympics, WADA, FISU, CIJM, CISM, OlympAfrica, OCOGs, World Athletics, and FINA, to name but a few.

For more info:

5 - 15 November 2023
Length: 10 Days
Host: IOA  Organiser: MEMOS
Residential Session of the french version of the MEMOS programme
23 - 29 July 2023
Length: 6 Days
IOA, Campus
Host: IOA
Organizers: SportCamp & IOTC

The International Olympic Truce Center and the Youth Sports Training Center SPORTCAMP, introduce the international Sports and Educational program “IMAGINE PEACE JUNIORS CAMP”, with the participation of children from all over the world, in the unique sports and cultural environment of the International Olympic Academy in Ancient Olympia.  

The program is aimed at students aged 10-16 from Greece and abroad and aims to realize an exclusive eight-day cultural and sports experience for a limited number of selected participants.      

The camp that will be held from July 21 to July 29 2023, offers acquaintance with the ancient Olympic Sports at their birthplace, speeches, workshops, sports events, training and acquaintance with Olympic champions, visits to the historic sites of Ancient Olympia and many recreational and fun activities.

It aims to introduce a small number of students each year to the Olympic ideals and to develop leadership skills and values in dialogue, intercultural communication, friendship, respect for diversity and peace.

In the link here, you may find a detailed presentation of the program as well as all relevant info, photos, and the participation form      


25 June - 10 July 2023
Length: 15 Days
IOA, Campus
Host: IOA

Organizer: MAiSI
25 June - 2 July 2023
Length: 7 Days
IOA, Campus
Host: IOA
Organizer:  Hellenic Cultural and Educational Club for Unesco

The Hellenic Cultural and Educational Club for UNESCO, in association with professional educators and sport coaches, organizes 25 June – 02 July 2023 the 2nd World Olympic Summer School under the auspices of the International Olympic Academy. The School is also supported by the UNESCO Chair in Intercultural Policy for an Active Citizenship and Solidarity, University of Macedonia, Greece.


The World Olympic Summer School aims to raise awareness relating to the Olympic Values and to prepare the next generation of the Olympic Values Ambassadors.


In the World Olympic Summer School are welcome to participate students between 14 – 16 years old from all around the world. Teachers can also participate in the Summer School. The official languages of the Symposium are English and Greek.


Focusing on Respect, one of the three core Olympic Values, the students will learn the importance of respecting themselves, the others, the world tangible and intangible cultural heritage and the planet (the R-Project). The four pillars of the Program are Education, Sports, Culture and Environment.


The World Olympic Summer School is promoting the Sustainable Development Goals focusing on: Goal 3 – Good Health and Well-Being, Goal 4 – Quality Education, Goal 5 – Gender Equality, Goal 12Responsible Consumption and Production, Goal 13 – Climate Action, Goal 15 – Life on Land, Goal 16 – Peace Justice and strong Institutions and Goal 17 – Partnerships for Goals.


The World Olympic Summer School will be hosted in the International Olympic Academy. The deadline for the submission of the participation form is the 10th May 2023.Information is uploaded on the official site of the School

2 - 4 June 2023
Length: 3 Days
IOA, Campus
Host: IOA
Sponsors: IOA
Organizer: NOA of Greece
INTRODUCTION                                                                                                                                     Educational and recreational visit for the winners of the Olympic Week          
23 - 27 May 2023
Length: 5 Days
IOA, Campus
Host: IOA
Organizer: CSUF
A study abroad from California State University Fullerton studying the Olympic Games and the History and Philosophy of Human Movement.
22 - 26 May 2023
Length: 5 Days
IOA, Campus
Host: IOA
Organizer: University of South Carolina
11 - 14 May 2023
Length: 4 Days
IOA, Campus
Host: IOA
Organizer: University of Patras, Dpt of Philosophy


Students from 60 countries compete for the prizes and distinctions at theXXXI International Olympiad of Philosophy with topic: A life in fair competition
20 - 24 March 2023
Length: 4 Days
Host: IOA   Organiser: IOC
The Olympic Refuge Foundation Think Tank, meeting on 21-23 March in Olympia aims at enhancing knowledge, understanding and uptake of sport to help young people in situations of forced displacement. It brings together experts from leading academic institutions, NGOs and the private and public sectors and people with lived experience.