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Basic "must" know things about the IOA

What is the IOA?

  • The ΙΟΑ is an Olympic Education institution supported by the IOC and other foundational Olympic entities. 
  • The IOA Campis is located in Greece, near the ancient Olympic site where the Olympic Games where held between 776BC - 1111AD.
  • The IOA was founded in 1961.
  • The IOA organizes and hosts annually event and programs with an Olympic education focus


The ΙΟΑ, (situated next to the archaeological site where the Ancient Olympic Games first took place in 776BC) aims at studying, enriching, and promoting Olympism and its values in relevance with current global issues of Olympic interest and in conformity with the principles laid down by the ancient Greeks and the revivers of the contemporary Olympic Movement.

  • Function as a global institution for Olympic Education & Research.
  • Disseminate Olympic values in society through Olympic Education.
  • Promote the humanistic dimension of Olympism in society, and contribute to world peace.
  • Educate people on the Olympic Ideals and the Principles of the Olympic Movement.
  • Motivate people to scale experiences & knowledge from their visit to the IOA to promoting, Olympic Ideals in their respective countries.
  • Act as an international forum for free expressionand exchange of ideas among people of different backgrounds in a spirit ofsolidarity, friendship and mutual respect
  • Enhance the role of the NOAs worldwide and their relation with respective NOCs, encourage and assist their work and cooperate with other institutions devoted to Olympic Education.