17 September - 6 October 2023 
Application deadline: 30 June 2023 
Host: IOA
Organizer: IOA
 Fees:  1.500€
Postgraduate Students


The Seminar attracts a multicultural body of MA and PhD students who wish to enrich their knowledge on Olympic and sports subjects as well as to expand their research on relative topics. The overall aim of the Seminar is to create a network of young scientists in the field of Sport and Olympism who will later on become valuable members of NOAs/NOCs/ universities and will be actively involved in the Olympic Movement. Through the Seminar the students:

 ·  Acquire deeper understanding and knowledge of all aspects of the Olympic Movement and its history through lectures by experts and through cooperation with the Supervising Professors of the Seminar.

·   Get the opportunity to participate in numerous field educational activities and learn more on the history of the Olympic Movement.

·   Get to know other cultures and civilizations by sharing ideas with students from other countries.

·    Are motivated to cooperate with their respective NOC/NOA in order to develop and implement a project or programme related to Olympism at school or university.


Arrival in Athens:                               Sunday, 17 September 2023

Arrival in Olympia:                            Tuesday, 19 September 2023

Works of the Seminar:                     Wednesday, 20– Wednesday, 4 October 2023

Departure from Olympia:                 Thursday, 5 October 2023

Departure from Athens:                    Friday, 6 October 2023


MAIN TOPIC:                                “Innovating physical education and Olympic values education to build a better world”


SPECIAL TOPIC:                         "Renewal and rejuvenation: How can the Olympic Movement remain relevant to youth through physical education and Olympic values education"



NOAs and NOCs can collaborate with universities and Olympic Studies Centers in order to propose postgraduate students with outstanding academic achievement, aged up to forty-five (45) years old.

 Upon submission of the online application form, all students (in collaboration with their NOC/NOA) will be requested to submit a plan of initiatives they are going to take after the end of the seminar in order to share their experience and disseminate the knowledge acquired during the Seminar. This could include the following:

  • Make at least 1 presentation on their experience at the IOA to their fellow-students and Professors at their university.
  • Cooperate with their respective NOC/NOA in order to develop and implement at least 1 project or programme related to Olympism at a school or university (min reach 100 people).
  • Use Social Media as a means to promote their experience and knowledge gained at the IOA.


  1. detailed CV of the candidate
  2. copy of identity card, passport or other document proving the age of the applicant
  3. passport-size photo in electronic format
  4. recommendation letter from the student’s supervising professor
  5. nomination letter from the respective NOC/NOA/University
  6. motivation letter
  7. the Olympic topic the student is doing research on and an abstract of the paper
  8. official certificate demonstrating the proficiency of the applicant in English (level B2 or higher)



The platform will be open from Tuesday, 31 January 2023 and the final date for enrollment will be Friday, 30 June 2023, after which the registration platform will be closed.


All works of the Seminar are conducted in English, therefore, in order to be accepted to the Seminar, applicants must submit the relevant English certificates or be native speakers.


Selected candidates will have to send to ioa@ioa.org.gr the complete draft of their academic paper (2.500-3.000 words) by Friday, 1 September 2023. The students’ papers will be published in a special IOA publication.



A) Registration fees

As of 2022, all participants will be required to pay registration fees amounting to 150 euros per person.


B) Participation fees

The participation fees amount to 1.350 euros per person and must be paid at least ten (10) days prior to the opening of the Seminar via the link that you will be sent upon confirmation of your participation.

Participation fees will cover accommodation and full-board in Athens (only for the nights of 17 September and 5 October), in Nafplion (on 18 September) and in Olympia (from 20 September to 4 October 2023) as well as all local transportation and guided tours related to the official programme of the Seminar. Any additional overnight stay in Athens must be taken in charge by the participants.

Also, please bear in mind that all participants will be allocated in twin rooms, in Athens, Nafplion and in Olympia with no exceptions whatsoever.


C) Transport


Participants must pay for their round-trip air-ticket.

Local transports

The IOA will take care of the participants’ local transport strictly from 17 September (date set for the arrival of the participants in Athens) to 6 October (date set for departure).


D) Visa

Participants who need a VISA to enter Greece should address themselves to the Greek Embassy of their country, where they will submit their application along with an invitation letter from the IOA. Should there be no Greek Embassy in some countries a VISA from an Embassy of any country member of the European Union could be accepted. May we remind you once again that any cost concerning the issuing of such a VISA should be borne by the participants themselves.


For any further information, please, contact us at:

Tel.: + 30. 210. 6878728
Email: ioa@ioa.org.gr


Type: Program
Self enrolment (Participant)
Self enrolment (Participant)