16 - 22 July 2023
Application deadline: 15 May 2023
IOA, Campus
Host: IOA
Sponsors: IOC
Organizer: IOA


The Session for NOAs and NOCs, covering a wide range of Olympic topics, functions as the driving force in the coordination, planning and implementation of Olympic educational projects and initiatives and builds a strong, knowledgeable and performing network. These annual Forums in Olympia are a point of reference, which create the conditions and opportunities for the NOAs/NOCs to get inspriration and to be provided with tools in order to develop and lead Olympic Education programmes in their countries. It serves as a platform for dialogue, enrichment of knowledge, exchange of experiences and collaboration between the NOCs and NOAs for the sharing of the best practices and for getting better insight on diverse educational programmes including the IOC Olympic Values Education Programme (OVEP).


Arrival in Athens:                                    Sunday, 16 July 2023

Departure for Olympia:                         Monday, 17 July 2023

Works of the Session:                           Monday, 17 July – Thursday, 20 July 2023

Departure from Olympia:                      Friday, 21 July 2023

Departure from Athens:                        Saturday, 22 July 2023


MAIN TOPIC:                  "Innovating physical education and Olympic values education to build a better world"        


SPECIAL TOPIC:        "Innovative, tailored and inclusive physical education and Olympic values education for the needs of modern societies"


Each National Olympic Academy may enter the Session with one representative, involved with project management and application of Olympic Education programmes.

Each National Olympic Committee may enter the Session with one representative, involved with project management and application of Olympic Education programmes.

Upon the submission of the online application form, the delegates from the NOAs as well as the NOCs will be requested to submit a report of specific projects they are going to put forward, after the end of the session. This could involve the following targets:

Build long-term relations with Ministry of Education or Sports and produce at least 1 specific Olympic Education programme for school kids and PE teachers. 

Establish at least 2 seminars for athletes, coaches and officials in cooperation with the National Federations and Sports clubs.

Build relationships with at least 1 University with the objective to organize at least 1 scientific programme for teaching or research.

Build a communication strategy about their programmes including social media and website to disseminate specific Olympic Education content to their community.



The platform will be open from Monday, 20 March 2023 and the final date for enrollment will be Monday, 15 May 2023, after which the registration platform will be closed.



The working languages of the Session are English and French and participants must speak fluently at least one of these languages. In order for applicants to be accepted in the Session they must submit the relevant English or French certificates or be native speakers.


A) Registration fees

As from 2022, all participants are required to pay registration fees amounting to 80 euros per person. The payment of the registration fees will be effected via the link you will be sent in the confirmation email you will receive upon assessment and approval of your application.

B) Participation fees

Participation fees for one participant per NOA or NOC will be covered by Olympic Solidarity.

The second participant must cover the participation fees, amounting to 650 Euros per person, at least ten (10) days prior to the opening of the Session via the link that you will be sent upon confirmation of your participation.

Here is the information needed for a bank transfer.



Account number: 362-00-2002-003736

IBAN: GR87 0140 3620 3620 0200 2003 736


C) Transports


The full price of the air-ticket (economy class) for one participant per NOA or NOC will be reimbursed by Olympic Solidarity to the NOC after the Session, and upon receipt of submission of a financial report on RELAY. The IOA will confirm participation of the concerned delegate to Olympic Solidarity. The charges for the second participant concerning the air-ticket should be borne by the NOC.

Local transports

The IOA will take care of the participants’ local transport strictly from July 16th (date set for the arrival of the participants in Athens) to July 22nd (date set for departure).


D) Accommodation/Boarding

Accommodation both in Athens (only for the nights of 16 and 21 July 2023) and in Olympia will be at the charge of the International Olympic Academy. Any additional overnight stay in Athens must be taken in charge by the participants.

Also, please bear in mind that all participants will be allocated in twin rooms, both in Athens and in Olympia with no exceptions whatsoever.

E) Visa

Participants who need a VISA to enter Greece should address themselves to the Greek Embassy of their country, where they will submit their application along with an invitation letter from the IOA. Should there be no Greek Embassy in some countries a VISA from an Embassy of any country member of the European Union could be accepted. May we remind you once again that any cost concerning the issuing of such a VISA should be borne by the participants themselves.


Kindly note that the works of the IOA Sessions are transmitted live on the Internet.This offers to thousands of people the opportunity to follow the Sessions from home and take active part in them, by presenting their questions and remarks. For those interested, the IOA address on the Internet is the following: www.ioa-sessions.org.


For any further information, please, contact us at:

Tel.: + 30. 210. 6878953
Email: a.karaiskou@ioa.org.gr


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