10-22 June 2023
Application deadline: 19 May 2023
IOA, Campus
Age Range: 20-30
Host: IOA
Sponsors: IOC
Organizer: IOA


The YOA Session is the most emblematic Session organised by the IOA since the beginning of its operation, in 1961.

It aims at bringing together young people of different nationalities, aged 20-30 years old, in a spirit of friendship and cooperation and encourage them to build on the knowledge they acquire during their stay in Olympia, as worthy ambassadors of Olympism.

The YOA Session offers a unique opportunity and a once-in-a-lifetime experience to live for two weeks in a multicultural environment, which enhances international understanding and acceptance, by providing an international forum for free expression and exchange of ideas and practices on issues related to the Olympic Movement.

The programme of the Session includes lectures by eminent professors, discussions in working groups and presentations of conclusions, cultural visits, sports and arts activities, presentations by Olympians etc.


Arrival in Athens:                                      Saturday, 10 June 2023

Opening Ceremony (in Athens):        Sunday, 11 June 2023

Departure for Olympia:                          Monday, 12 June 2023

Works of the Session:                            Monday, 12 June – Tuesday, 20 June 2023

Departure from Olympia:                      Wednesday, 21 June 2023

Departure from Athens:                        Thursday, 22 June 2023


“Innovating physical education and Olympic values education to build a better world”


"Renewal and rejuvenation: How can the Olympic Movement remain relevant to youth through physical education and Olympic values education"


The NOCs should collaborate with the NOAs for the selection of the candidates, who should not exceed the number of three (3) persons.
Participants should be strictly 20 to 30 years old and have a genuine interest in the educational aspects of the activities organized during the Session, the aims of the IOA, as well as current issues of Olympism.
Priority during enrollment will be given to those NOCs who have already established a National Olympic Academy and whose nominees have already participated in one National Session. We would like to remind you that people who have previously attended the Session will not be accepted.
Upon their online registration, participants (in collaboration with their NOC/NOA) will be requested to submit a plan of initiatives they are going to take after the end of the session in order to share their experience and disseminate the knowledge acquired during the Session. This must include at least three (3) of the following:
  • Assist in implementing of minimum one programme with their NOC/NOA.

  • Disseminate knowledge and experience acquired in the Session at either a school, sports organization, or through social media platforms (reach needs to exceed 100 people).

  • Create or become part of minimum one network for the exchange of ideas, knowledge and information on Olympic subjects (e.g. IOA social media network, IOAPA – IOA Alumni Network etc).

  • Create their own research, educational or work project which is related to the IOA, sports, Olympism, Olympic Games etc.

  • Make use of the various social media platforms in order to disseminate a). the experience they have acquired during the Session and b). the work/projects/programs they have undertaken after being inspired by their participation (e.g. by creating their own YouTube channel/vlog detailing their experience, or by creating content on Facebook, Instagram etc. during and after the Session).

After the implementation of their plan of initiatives, the Young Olympic Ambassadors will be required to send their impact reports to the IOA who will then create a portfolio for further consideration by the IOC. 

NOCs and NOAs are kindly requested to provide their delegates with all the necessary information and hold briefings on the educational role of the IOA prior to the participants' departure.


The platform will be open from Monday, 20 March 2023 and the final date for enrollment will be Friday, 19 May 2023, after which the registration platform will be closed.


The working languages of the Session are English and French and participants must speak fluently at least one of these languages. In order for applicants to be accepted in the Session they must submit the relevant English or French certificates or be native speakers.


The IOA strongly encourages Olympic medallists and/or athletes who have participated in the Olympic Games to make presentations on topics related to their Olympic experience. A Word document of the paper of maximum 2 pages, written in English or French must be sent to ioa@ioa.org.gr until Friday, 28 April 2023.


A) Registration Fees

As from 2022, all participants are required to pay registration fees amounting to 150 euros per person. The payment of the registration fees will be effected via the link you will be sent in the confirmation email you will receive upon assessment and approval of your application.

B) Participation fees

Participation fees for one male AND/OR one female participant(s) per NOC/NOA are covered by Olympic Solidarity. Participation fees for a second male or a second female participant as well as for a third participant are set at 1.000 euros per person.

The payment of the participation fees (1.000 euros per person) for any additional participant must be effected at least ten (10) days prior to the opening of the Session via the link that you will be sent upon confirmation of your participation.

C) Transports


Olympic Solidarity will cover 50% of the cost for the air-ticket (economy class) for one male AND/OR one female participant per NOC.

The IOA will confirm the final list of participants, based on which Olympic Solidarity will generate the financial reports on the RELAY platform, making them available to the concerned NOCs. The reimbursement of 50% of the flight ticket will be sent to the NOC upon receipt and validation of this financial report.

Local transports

The IOA will take care of the participants’ local transport strictly from June 10th (date set for the arrival of the participants in Athens) to June 22nd (date set for departure).

D) Accommodation/Boarding

Accommodation both in Athens (only for the nights of 10th, 11th and 21st June 2023) and in Olympia will be at the charge of the International Olympic Academy. Any additional overnight stay in Athens must be taken in charge by the participants.

Also, please bear in mind that all participants will be allocated in twin and 3-bed rooms, both in Athens and in Olympia with no exceptions whatsoever.

E) Visa

Participants who need a VISA to enter Greece should address themselves to the Greek Embassy of their country, where they will submit their application along with an invitation letter from the IOA. Should there be no Greek Embassy in some countries a VISA from an Embassy of any country member of the European Union could be accepted. May we remind you once again that any cost concerning the issuing of such a VISA should be borne by the participants themselves.


Kindly note that the works of the IOA Sessions are transmitted live on the Internet.This offers to thousands of people the opportunity to follow the Sessions from home and take active part in them, by presenting their questions and remarks. For those interested, the IOA address on the Internet is the following: www.ioa-sessions.org.


For any further information, please, contact us at the following:

Tel.: + 30. 210. 6878728
Email: ioa@ioa.org.gr

Type: Program
Self enrolment (Participant)
Self enrolment (Participant)