30 April - 9 May 2023
Length: 10 Days
Host: IOA   Organiser: MEMOS

When an individual participates in the Olympic Solidarity-supported MEMOS programme, they have a unique opportunity to (1) gain cutting-edge skills and knowledge from top international professors and (2) build their global professional network to set themselves up for future success.

How it started

MEMOS was an idea of the European Network of Sport Science Institutes, supported by President Juan Antonio Samaranch in 1994 and founded by Prof. Jean Camy and colleagues from several European universities and schools of sport. Five European National Olympic Committees (NOCs; France, Italy, Luxembourg, Portugal, Spain) joined the project.

The first edition started in September 1995. It was a two-year graduate programme in French and English, composed of eight modules. The two first editions (MEMOS I and II) were supported by the European Olympic Committees and the European Union (Socrates Programme).

How it evolved

From MEMOS III (2000), the programme – starting and ending in Lausanne – became a one year programme. It included four modules and only one language (English). MEMOS III to V welcomed a few non-European participants.

In 2003, MEMOS VI became fully open to overseas participants, with the first and last modules in Lausanne, one module in Europe and one overseas. The official name of the programme became “Master Exécutif en Management des organisations sportives.”

In 2006, MEMOS started a Spanish edition. A French edition was first organized in 2008. The three versions of the programme had a slightly different format but coordinated content. In 2012, the three versions evolved to a common format.


Training modules are organized in all continents since MEMOS XI. The programme is part of the NOC Management Programmes of Olympic Solidarity. While ensuring geographic and gender equity, each cohort includes one student per NOC.

MEMOS is scheduled over one year and consists of three 9 to 12 days residential sessions, each dedicated to two to three main subjects, and a three-day final session devoted to the defense and presenting of participants’ personal research project. The final session take place in Lausanne, while the second and the third sessions are organised in different cities.

Each subject is placed under the joint responsibility of a scholar and of a professional. In addition, the participants undertake a research project concerning the management of a sport organisation,usually the one in which they are active. Two to three days in the middle of each module are dedicated to participant on their projects by their tutors. The defense and the public presentation of these projects, as well as the awarding of the degrees, take place in Lausanne, during the last module. 

Periodic Alumni Conventions are also organized for continued sharing, and networking amount MEMOSians.

So far, 1079 MEMOS graduates are everywhere across the Olympic Movement and the world. They represent 183 nationalities, 5 continents, 36% women, 56 NOC Presidents and Secretaries General, and 5 IOC members. Some of them are involved in the IPC, Special Olympics, WADA, FISU, CIJM, CISM, OlympAfrica, OCOGs, World Athletics, and FINA, to name but a few.

For more info: https://memos.degree

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